Here's a list of some of my favorite things :)


You can find my favorite calligraphy supplies and business tools and resources


Supplies: My brush calligraphy, watercolor, pointed pen & business book faves on Amazon

Be legit: Contract templates - a must if you plan to offer services, start a calligraphy business, or even need a legit privacy policy on your site

Goal Setting: I use Lisa Jacob's Your Best Year to goal set for the year. I also track my progress this way.

Money Mindset: I took Becky's Own It, Crush It Money Mindset email course and it was amazing! It really helped me identify where I had money blocks. Knowing that allowed me to release those blocks and grow my business.

Online Courses: My courses need to live somewhere, right? I use Teachable to host all my course content.

Email List: As a biz owner, you need one. I LOVE ConvertKit. It's so easy to use and customize.