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Just some of the things you'll learn:
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Goals Module

  • You will figure out your why - your "real" why because it's not just about hating your day job or wanting to earn extra money. There's some things for us to discover here :)
  • You'll set both business and revenue goals for the next few months - and learn how to break those goals up into actionable monthly/weekly/daily tasks
  • Your offering will be defined, whether that's a service, product or both. We're going to focus on what will be easiest to implement AND will drive revenue, then we'll tackle passive streams or larger offerings.
  • We'll validate your business idea and also do some market research
  • Productivity is huge when you own your business and I'll share methods I use to keep productive.

Systems Module

  • We'll get into business entities, licenses and website policies so you'll have ease of mind that everything is set up correctly.
  • Contracts and why you need them (and why they're not scary or insulting to clients) will also be covered.
  • You'll set up your website with the essential pages you need to get started or review your current website and it's copy to see if it's going to get you those sales and that connection with clients you need.
  • Your email list will be set up and we'll dive into why it's important to start focusing on this now.
  • Tech and software will become your jam and you'll learn how to set up your email address, get your accounting software automated, start a project management system and more.

Audience Module

  • You'll learn how to create your first opt in or to improve upon your existing one.
  • You'll map out your welcome email funnel and nurture sequence so that your audience feels all the love and authenticity - plus we'll work on your copy "voice."
  • We'll discuss content and create a system for it aka a content calendar
  • You'll feel more comfortable on live video and we'll chat about why video is really important to your business

Revenue Module

  • You'll not only figure out what to sell your products and services for, but you'll create a launch marketing plan - "launching" is not scary!
  • I'll also share some other list building and buzz generating things you can do for your launch and your business
  • Live workshops are a great way to bring in consistent revenue and to build an in-person audience so you'll learn how to teach your passion - with lesson planning and venue/studio advice.
  • You'll learn how to pay yourself, track your expenses and how to calculate your actual revenue - because you're a business after all and should know where your money is coming from and doing to.

Growth Module

  • You'll learn tactics to grow your email list - because social media algorithms change but your email list is yours forever
  • You'll figure out a passive income stream so you can get paid without being tied to your desk or working on custom orders.
  • I'll also share some tips on growing your existing relationships - because the genuine relationships you build allow you to connect with like minded creatives and help grow your business in a real, non-fake/gross way.

Mindset Module

  • You'll set up your daily routines and why it's ok to be a little "woo woo" when it comes to business ownership.
  • I'll share how I created a peer mastermind and why it's so important to surround yourself with others who help you personally and professionally.
  • You'll learn why investing in yourself is the best thing you can do in your business.
  • I'll share what I do when I'm in a funk - because this happens to everyone and it's important to allow yourself the grace to work through it - then get back to it!