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learn brush calligraphy, make time for you & discover a new creative outlet


about the course

Looking for a new hobby? Need to use the other side of your brain after a long day of emails? Hoping to reconnect with a childhood passion?

In Brush Calligraphy Bootcamp, you’ll learn brush lettering step by step and be on your way to calling yourself a creative.

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  • You watch videos of people effortlessly writing and think they must have so much time to practice - and you don’t have that kind of time between work, school, the kids (human and fur alike) and well, LIFE


  • You think that supplies must cost a lot


  • You think that calligraphers have nice "real" handwriting or are naturally creative

I promise...

  • You can learn calligraphy with short & consistent practice


  • A pencil and Crayola marker work just fine


  • Nice penmanship doesn't = beautiful calligraphy


Brush Calligraphy Bootcamp is a self paced online course showing you the basics of brush lettering, how to find your own style, digitization, envelope addressing tips, using waterbrush pens and more.

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Feeling excited at the end of your day because it’s the time to practice calligraphy - your new found passion

Working on a custom print for your BFF’s new home

Adding a personal touch to your your little sister's wedding

Designing a product for your brand new Etsy store

Teaching others about calligraphy

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Before learning calligraphy...

School, kids, work, dinner repeat. You realized you didn’t have a hobby anymore and didn’t feel passionate about much.

You hated your day job and saw others finding something they loved, then pivoting that into a business, but didn’t know how to find something you love.

You struggled with following 60 second Instagram videos to try and learn calligraphy and couldn’t make it to a local workshop - or heck, maybe there wasn’t a workshop for you to attend.

the course...

You're a master of  basic strokes and letterforms and see improvement week over week.

You put yourself and your work out there and connect with online friends (maybe turned IRL friends) who get why you’re so excited about a new set of markers or nerd out with you over new supplies.

You’re working on your 1st calligraphy job. Hell yes someone wants to hire you to make their chalkboard menu and now you have some extra money in your pocket - all from doing something that you love, that excites you, and that doesn’t feel like work.

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A recent declaration of my love for tacos

Playing around with business name ideas in 2015


+ Do I need nice handwriting?

Absolutely not! Day to day handwriting and calligraphy are totally different things. Think of calligraphy like drawing vs writing.

+ When will the course be available?

You'll receive immediate access to the course!

+ How long will I have access to the course?

You receive lifetime access to Brush Calligraphy Bootcamp. You will also receive access to any future updates to the course.

+ Are there different camera angles?

Yes, there are both overhead and side shots - so you can see the writing and pens from different angles.

+ Are supplies expensive?

You can get started with a regular pencil if that's what you have!

+ Do I need to practice for hours?

Consistency is more important! You'll build your muscle memory this way vs practicing for an hour every other week.

+ What supplies should I use or purchase?

A PDF list of suggested supplies is available for you to download in the course once you enroll.

+ Will you add other lessons?

Yes - I plan to release lessons over the year covering flourishing, different alphabet styles and more. You'll receive access to new videos by enrolling now.





Hi I'm Joyce 

ex 9 to 5er turned calligrapher, instructor & online course creator

And I can't forget rescue dogmom, Malbec lover & taco addict.

In 2014 I sadly found myself with no real hobbies (because dayjob and life) and a desperate urge to create... when I was never considered "creative" before. 

After watching other calligraphers on social media for months, I decided I'd give calligraphy a try. And I found my new passion.

Since then I've discovered a new creative part of myself, taught 300+ students in person (and counting), quit my soul sucking day job and turned Write Pretty Things into a full time business.