Finding Your Signature Calligraphy Style – How To Choose A Calligraphy Tool

Not sure what to use to get the calligraphy style you’re going for? Think brush pens are only for casual looks? Wondering what nib to use for a tattoo design? Yes – that last one was a bit random, but I have been asked to design one before – maybe you’ll be asked too.

While there are some experienced calligraphers who seem like they can pick up anything and magically write really well with it in one go, when trying to find your unique look, I suggest becoming really familiar with one calligraphy tool. Once you define your style, you can take up other mediums later, but since we’re chatting about your unique look, the medium you choose affects that – so, let’s review some different calligraphy tools you can use as well as different ways to use them.


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