Calligraphy Drills + Practice Tips

Whether you’re using brush markers, pointed pen or even an iPad, warming up before you start lettering is super important. Here are some of my favorite calligraphy drills.

There’s no set time to how long you should warm up. Most of the time I do drills until my hand feels warmed up and my strokes look consistent. And honestly, some days, all I have time for are warm ups and THAT’S OK. You’re still building your muscle memory by doing a few minutes of warm ups.

Other days when I don’t have a particular project I’m working on or a custom order, I like to start with the drills below – then add some fun words like “minimum” or my fave, “mimosa”.

I love background noise when I practice. So after the drills below, I’ll continue my calligraphy practice by writing down the words I’m hearing on the TV, lyrics of songs I’m listening to, or advice I hear from whatever podcast I have on.

A great tip is to save some of your practice sheets and date them. It’s the best way to track your progress and you’ll love looking back a few weeks or months from now to see how far you’ve come in your lettering journey!



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